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On our site you can learn about hunting breed Deutsch Drathaar, learn about the Association, events, look at our dogs, get advice. We will help you select and buy a puppy and grow from this real hunter.

The Russian Association «Deutsch Drathaar» established in 1991 are being developed in Russia hunting dog breeds deutsch-drahthaar (Deutsch Drathaar, DD) on the basis of FCI standards and uniform requirements for breeding DD operating in Germany and the International Organization Deutsch Drathaar (DD-WV) on the principle - Durch Leistung zum Typ (from the productive qualities - a type).

Association Deutsch Drathaar is a member of the RFOS, RKF, FCI, is an active member of DD-WV, and supports cooperation with the governing body of society Deutsch Drathaar (VDD) of Germany and other foreign organizations.
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